This is the homepage of SAWS, the Sacramento Area Warhammer Society. This club was created in the early 90's by a group of guys who kept running into each other in northern California Warhammer tournaments. Originally a kind of elitist group, the focus of the club has shifted over the past decade, and now focuses on improving the hobby in our areas, and keeping in contact with other people who love gaming as much as we do. The club is still invitation-only, but now the prerequistes are love of the games we play and good-natured spirit, instead of the ability to win trophies.

SAWS was originally focused solely on Games Workshop's excellent miniatures game Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but as time has gone on we have expanded our interests beyond one excellent game to many other games, some related, many not so related. Members of SAWS play such varied games as Pirates!, Warhammer WWII, Heroclix, Warhammer 40K, Junta, Munchkin, AD&D, Vampire the Eternal Struggle CCG, just to name a few. The club membership is an enthusiastic bunch who love all aspects of gaming, from painting, to modeling and converting, to running events, to oh yes, pushing figures around and rolling dice. ;)